About MonodukuriT.

I have worked as cinematographer and photographer for many years.

Therefore, most our works are created by live-action movies. Furthermore, it’s best price. The reason why, I do all the work by myself.

A lot of experience

I have had many experience such as image video, TV Commercial and shooting missiles with a high speed camera for Japanese Ministry of Defense. Furthermore, I can speak English so-so because I lived in USA.

What is difference between professional and amateur? The answer is an understood of light.

There is no cause of director of photography in Japan. System of cinematography divided into part of cinematography and lighting. I learned lighting through belonging to 『Gun Head』(science movie)as staff of lighting assistants. Also I can use big strobe lights because I learned Photography in Brook Institute of Photography.

Horizontal Connections

I have many famous friends in film industry in Japan. I can help you if you want to make my friends create a movie .

Representative Career

Aomori High School (1985)

Bachelor of Cinematography, Nihon University College of Art (1990)

Assistant of Camera and Lighting (1989~1995)

Brooks Institute of Photography (dropped out in 1997)

Photographer and Cinematographer (1997~2006)

Nac Image technology Inc. Engineer (2006~2012)

Photographer and Cinematographer (2012~2019)

MonodukuriT. established in 2019

Information of Company

Company NameMonodukuriT.
RepresentativeTokuhiro Kinoshita
Location2-11-34 Ishigami #203
Niiza-shi, Saitama 352-0033
Mobile Phone090-4557-3503
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