YouTube Commercial and Net Commercial

1 day pack

First-meeting by telephone
That day-meeting(confirm before shooting), shooting(all day)
After that day-editing(using copyright-free music), delivery(BD, Data)
¥35000(Tax Excluded)
Optional extras are actual expense
Free travel with 20km, more than that are actual expense

Art Work

(TVCM within one minute or more than・Music video)

¥100000(Tax Excluded)~

If you try to create TV commercial, it costs a lot of money for players, sets, rental equipments and staff costs. You need tens of millions of money for only production costs. Additionally, you spend several billion charges for the right to borodcast. Do you want to cut cost? The answer is simple. Just do the opposite way.

Do not use actor and actress and a studio. I can work alone with my equipment. You make it with your enthusiasm and my idea. You can post your commercial on YouTube and your website. It has a huge positive effect.

FOOD – toqoo channel
SAKE – toqoo channel
The World of Cinematographer 撮影監督の世界